If You Build It He Will Come. Not!

It’s a classic movie, with an even more famous line, “If you build it, he will come.”

Now although it worked out for Kevin Costner in the movie Field Of Dreams, for some reason, people seem to think this logic works online too.

The problem is, well, it doesn’t.

And if you run a website, own a business, and are trying to get more traffic to your site, you have to do a lot more than just build a website and create content for your business to get any better.

You see if you just build a website and sit back and think that people are going to flock to it, well, you are going to be waiting a very long time.

Same with the fact that if you think you can post an article on your blog, and thousands of people are going to read and share it, you will be in for a lot of disappointment.

Your job as a business owner, or as a marketing manager, is to get more eyeballs on your site and content.

And to do this is not hard, it just takes strategic planning, and consistency to pull it off.

Why People Just Won’t Find You

First and foremost, the internet is just too big of a place for you to “just get noticed.”

Building a website and then leaving it be is not going to get you any traction.

First of all, you haven’t left any bird crumbs, so how can you expect people to come to you if they don’t even know about you in the first place?

Next, there is a ton of noise online with others in your industry fighting for that same audience and attention.

If you don’t find a way to stand out, prouder and taller than the rest, then you will just blend in and not be noticed.

So that lone blog post you wrote two months ago is probably still sitting there with barely enough views to pay for itself.

Another issue with the build it and they will come mentality is that people’s memory time is very short online. This means that if they see you just once or twice, then you won’t register enough to stick to their minds.

How You Can Get In Front Of More People

If you do what everyone else is doing to get noticed, then you are going to get the same results they are.

And most likely that is not enough to get on people’s radar. You need to stand out, stop blending in and doing the same old things you have been doing for ages.

Step out of your shell, and show your authority, your uniqueness — tell people exactly why they need to listen to you and buy from your brand.

Here are five ways to get noticed right away and start building up traffic to your website.

Share Your Knowledge With Podcasting

This is one of best ways to connect with a global audience on such a personal level.

Compared to any other type of medium, podcasting is the best because you can connect to people even while they are doing other things.

You see, when you are watching a video, you literally have to look at the video.

When you are reading a blog post, you literally have to be reading the blog post.

But with podcasting, people can be driving, washing the dishes, working out in the gym and have you in their ears, listening to every word you say while doing what they are doing.

This gives you so much power to connect with them using a medium that truly allows a connection without interrupting them in what they are doing.

Be Human On Social Media

Social media or as I like to call it, “Human Media” is about sharing your human side of your company and brand to the world.

People don’t buy from corporations, they buy from people, so you need to show your human side so your audience can connect with you.

Don’t just share business messages on social media; this is one of the least things you should be doing.

You need to give people an inside look into yourself. If you are a personal brand, this is a perfect way to connect with your audience, and there is no red tape to adhere too.

If you are a corporation, give people a look inside your business, a behind the scenes approach to how you operate, how you do customer service, and how you give your products and services a unique and personal touch.

Repurpose Like No One Is Watching

Creating blog content is a must, that goes without question.

Just creating a blog post and leaving it be is highly not recommended.

Your issue with people not reading your content is a lack of attention. People simply don’t know you, nor your content exists on your website.

To get more eyeballs on your blog content, you have to turn it into other mediums, and spread it to other channels.

So every time you write a post, you need to turn that post into graphics for Instagram, and infographics for Pinterest.

Likewise, you can shoot a video on your blog content, and post that to Youtube. Then you can take clips of that video and post them on Facebook and Twitter.

These are just a handful of things that you can do. Your goal and job with every piece of content are to make sure as many people as possible see it and consume it.

Display Your Emotion With A YouTube Show

Not being on YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the worlds, is like driving a car without wheels.

You cannot think to operate a business without a presence on YouTube.

Video are the most consumed type of medium, and this is because it touches so many senses like seeing and hearing.

People can connect with you as they can see and hear your emotion in how you talk and what you have to say.

You can move an audience with your messaging, with the hopes of that messaging going viral.

When it comes to YouTube, you can create your channel to showcase to your audience, how to use your product, support videos, educational training videos, and more.

Network And Use The Power Of Influence Marketing

People are tired of banner ads, and other forms of corporate branding.

One thing that people love though is the recommendations of their favorite celebrities and people they look up to.

And this is where you can capture the power of influencer marketing to join forces with a leader in your niche who people already look up to help promote what you are offering.

You see, people listen to other peoples thoughts and opinions. An influencer already has a following, and by you tapping into that following, you can get word of mouth recommendations on your brand.

You can help get an influencer to promote your content lets say and drive more traffic to your website from it.

This is an untapped form of marketing because not many brands are doing this, yet there are so many influencers on Instagram and Snapchat that you can build up your audience rapidly with this technique.

Final Thoughts

Just doing something for the sake of doing something is not going to help build up your site and brand.

You can’t leave a website to sit stagnantly. Would you leave your brick and mortar store dirty without replacing the lights or cleaning the floors? No, you wouldn’t.

So why do you think you can just build a website and not take care of it.

Similarly when you create a piece of blog content, just having it sit there hoping that people will magically find it and come to you is wishful thinking.

You need to be a promoter of your work. You need to take action on the five techniques I outlined above.

These are things that will get you a ton of traffic in a very short time. The reason is that you are going to where the people are.

Your audience is on social media. They are on YouTube and iTunes.

They also look up to others, and that’s where you can use these influencers to help build up your brand’s awareness.

Start with these steps today, and you will begin to reap the benefits.

What have you done to get more awareness to your content? Leave me a reply in the comment section below with your story.




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Maher Abiad

Maher Abiad

💵 Smarter Personal Finance, Investing, And Debt Repayment Education Videos youtube.com/maherabiad

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